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Stylist, sartorial adviser, and the official Saint-Crispin of Belgium.

Cédric Burnel, who is also known as Saint Crispin’s of Belgium is responsible for all customized advice for Saint Crispin’s handmade shoes in Belgium.

Saint Crispin’s is a family business that makes some of the world’s finest handmade shoes for gentlemen since the 80’s. Unique models, stunning quality leather, top fitting comfort & finishing, that is what Saint Crispin’s is all about. 






Saint Crispin’s relies on retailers to help you out with finding your ideal pair of shoes. If you fit in a ready-to-wear pair, you can immediately purchase your beloved choice from the current stock of our retailer. Otherwise we’re more than happy to make a unique pair of shoes to fit your feet perfectly through made-to-order.

Pair without last adjustment

We are determined to help you in your search of finding the perfect pair of shoes. You can receive your personalized pair of Saint Crispin’s shoes after a lead-time of 8 to 10 weeks. For this made-to-order you can freely choose the sort and colour of the leather, sole construction, and much more. This service hasn’t got an up charge.

Pair with last adjustment

When you have some special requests regarding ‘trouble areas’ to wear shoes, we can adapt and customize the fit of the shoe to your own desires and needs. We keep all your general information to guarantee the same fit for your next orders. Yet again, these Saint Crispin’s will be delivered within 8 to 10 weeks, but with a small up charge for your fully personalized pair.

Bespoke pair.
The final and most exclusive level

During a one hour process we take your measurements of which your personal made-to-measure is made. During the first try out you receive your personal fitting shoes to try on. This only happens in guidance of an employee of Saint Crispin’s. If necessary, we’ll provide a new pair of fitting shoes before the final pair is being delivered. The price tag for a pair of bespoke Saint Crispin’s is higher as we remake the shoes in case of a not acceptable fit.


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"The aesthetic part is phenomenal of Saint Crispin's but the true secrets is hidden on the inside. The comfort combined with the amazing support is unexplainable."

C.V. CEO - Construction company

“Mr. Cédric Burnel helped me towards my first purchase of Saint Crispin’s shoes and now I’m hooked! When wearing my Saint Crispin’s, I feel fully dressed for every occasion.“

P.O. Account Manager